Swoop & Melodie

Swoop & Melodie draws together the creative work of painter and designer Taj Alexander. The projects exhibited under Swoop & Melodie aim to emphasise the correlation between traditionally distinct creative disciplines. The concept is to demonstrate, through the presentation and exploration of painting, design and music, how each practice, with its own recognisable methods, supports and informs the development of ideas and solutions. Building on this philosophy, Swoop & Melodie strives to develop strong connections with its clients and collaborators to further explore how this cross-pollination of processes can be used to achieve innovative solutions.

Swoop & Melodie believe that unique creative solutions stem from the development of good client relationships. When establishing the design requirements of the client, it is important that a personal and/or business philosophy is considered, as it will provide the foundation for the growth of their concept. In a rapidly evolving market, it is our responsibility as innovators to respond with sensitivity and consideration, in order to ensure the clients needs are met and are in harmony with their environment. Flexibility and integrity are key to achieving impressionable and lasting creative solutions. Sharing the clients passion, we aim to provide the necessary guidance to move from brief, through development and production, to an exciting solution. In this way, their experience is both informative and enjoyable.


Painter, designer and abstract artist Deams has been an active and influential figure in the Melbourne contemporary art scene for well over a decade. Best known for his work as a street painter or ‘graffuturist’, his mural work is described in the artists’ own words as “… a constantly evolving conversation between energy, emotion, language and environment”. His striking public artworks often reimagine existing architecture into a surreal expression of geometric illusion, playing with the nuances of each building in a way that creates a site-specific conversation between artist and environment.

Deams has an intuitive approach to painting and process, which allows for his work to oscillate between tangible and intangible forms and realities. Best known for his mastery of geometric composition and adept use of vivid colours and gradients, his work is an evolving landscape of refined concepts and experiments connected by core themes. As an exhibiting artist Deams enquires into the nature of human experience, traversing a deeply familiar yet simultaneously mysterious landscape of the psyche.  

His work has developed over time to include the presence of organic abstract forms and textures that serve to balance the rigid nature of the geometric language he has developed. This free form abstraction has evolved to push his work further into three-dimensional space resulting in a powerful display of visceral tension between chaos and order, man and environment. Deams approaches his practice with a studious dedication to his past and the immediacy of his present.

Deams offers a wide range of creative services including but not limited to:

Interior & Exterior Mural Commissions
Art Direction & Creative Consultancy
Identity Design & Logotypes
Public Installations
Private Painting Commissions